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Working hours: Monday - Sunday, 12:00 Noon -23:30
You can taste our delicious aromas of cardamom, coriander, mint and many other types of fresh herbs

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chicken wings marinated spices, coated with gramflour and deep fried.

Marinated chicken,lamb grilled in the clay oven.

Minced lamb meat, spices and herbs grilled in the clay...

Marinated lamb meat from the clay oven.

Marinated Cottage cheese in the clay oven.

Potatoes, tamarind, onions and Indian spices

Marinated boneless chicken grilled in the clay oven.

marinated, coated with gramflour and deep fried.


Potatoes chips deep Fried

Pastry filled with potato, peas and vegetables

Red lentil soup with a soft curry sauce and fresh...

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